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Fee Structure


The finally selected candidates shall be required to pay a sum of Rs. 22500/- at the time of admission and Rs. 17775/- at the start of 2nd & 3rd year. The fees shall be deposited in Habib Bank Limited Jinnah Polytechnic Branch in the account of the Institute and never in the Institute office. For this purpose, the Bank pay-in-Slip shall be issued by the Institute.

4.2       Late Fee:

            The student shall be required to pay the annual fee upto 15th August, or on the start of each subsequent academic year. On late payment of fee the amount of Rs. 100/- per month will be charged as late fee.

4.3       OTHER CHARGES:

In addition to the above mentioned fee, the students are required to pay the following amount for :

  • Identity Card Rs.60/=
  • Duplicate Identity Card Rs.100/=
  • Duplicate Provisional Certificate Rs. 1000/=
  • Urgent Provisional Certificate Rs.600/=
  • Practical Scrutiny Rs. 400/=
  • Before S.B.T.E Registration charges change of technology Rs.2000/=

Note:   a) Fee may be changed as per requirement of the institute without any prior notice.

b) Fee once paid will not be refunded at any stage to the candidate.


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